RARA-AVIS: Block's Writer's Block

From: Miano, Mark (NBC) ( Mark.Miano@NBC.com)
Date: 29 Apr 2004

I'm a fan of Lawrence Block and I've made a point of attending most of his Scudder signings. I've found him to be an amicable, if not tired, author. At the last few signings, the bookstores have had a rule about signing other books - a rule which he doesn't mention in this article. One must buy one new book in order to get two old books signed. I guess this was designed to weed out the hardcore collectors who come, buy one book, then ask him to sign ten old books. I think it's a fair rule.

At the signing for SMALL TOWN, I bought a new book and brought in two old copies for him to sign. As he was dutifully signing I leaned over and told Larry that my favorite book of his was MONA (now being reprinted, as mentioned on this list) and that I loved it so much, I named my cat after it. He seemed to think this was quite funny and signed the book: "To Mark and Mona...")

I don't have any problems with the article he wrote. I think most of his opinions are written tongue in cheek anyway. Has anyone seen his funny riff on cat mysteries? Something about how they should give out two Best Edgars, one for books with cats, one for books without cats.

I went to a Michael Connelly signing about six years ago. We had a brief but extremely friendly conversation as he was scratching his John Hancock onto the title page. When I got home, I was pleasantly surprised to read his message: "To Mark, this one comes straight from the heart. Michael Connelly." I thought it was about the nicest thing anyone had ever written
- until I realized he probably wrote that in every book. The title of that tome: BLOOD WORK.

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