RARA-AVIS: EARTHQUAKE WEATHER: Whole lotta shakin' goin' on...

From: Kevin Burton Smith ( kvnsmith@thrillingdetective.com)
Date: 27 Apr 2004

Mr. Denton wrote:

>Terrill Lee Lankford, EARTHQUAKE WEATHER (2004). Ed Gorman's review was
>mentioned, and he said "this is the best crime novel I've read in a long,
>long time, a melancholy, true account of a lonely life not unlike the
>Philip Marlowe's in THE LONG GOODBYE." I don't want to embarrass Mr.
>Lankford, but I thought it was excellent. It fits in with the old
>Hollywood noirs (Chandler and others on paper and film), following on from
>them and drawing on them--and ranking with the best of them--but Mr. L.
>stakes out some new territory and makes it his own. If you haven't read
>Gorman's review you might want to skip it because he gives away some
>details that are more enjoyable if they come as a surprise.

Yeah, I can't formally review EARTHQUAKE WEATHER anywhere, since I did his web site, but I can sure talk it up here -- and lemme tell you, EW is is just great stuff.

This is possibly the best Hollywood insider novel I've read in a long, long time, and certainly the funniest. Most Hollywood novels these days, well, I'm beginning to suspect they're all cranked out in a factory in the Midwest, but most of them, all they do is toss in a few bimbo starlets, a fat cat producer and a few lines of coke and act like they're telling us something new -- but EARTHQUAKE WEATHER actually dishes up the goods on what it's like to actually work in the industry, an industry built of Grade A Extra-Large egos held together by toothpicks and post-it notes.

Of course, the author actually works in the film industry (who can forget the classic HOLLYWOOD CHAINSAW HOOKERS?), so the cynicism he brings to the table in EARTHQUAKE WEATHER is hard-earned and well-deserved.

The humor? Well, that's just because Lankford's a sick fuck.

But Pelecanos has spoiled me. I wanna free CD with every book I receive now!


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