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From: Jim Roberts (
Date: 27 Apr 2004

Glad to hear Lankford has another one out; thanks for the tip.

I've just finished is *Hot Plastic* by Peter Craig, and Iowa talent (like Ed Gorman). It's set in the early 80s and deals with a "family" of grifters and their constantly shifting scams.

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> Terrill Lee Lankford, EARTHQUAKE WEATHER (2004). Ed Gorman's review was > mentioned, and he said "this is the best crime novel I've read in a long, > long time, a melancholy, true account of a lonely life not unlike the > Philip Marlowe's in THE LONG GOODBYE." I don't want to embarrass Mr. > Lankford, but I thought it was excellent. It fits in with the old > Hollywood noirs (Chandler and others on paper and film), following on from > them and drawing on them--and ranking with the best of them--but Mr. L. > stakes out some new territory and makes it his own. If you haven't read > Gorman's review you might want to skip it because he gives away some > details that are more enjoyable if they come as a surprise. >

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