RE: RARA-AVIS: Donald Goines

From: John Williams (
Date: 21 Apr 2004

David wrote:

"Holloway House, the publisher that puts out pretty much all Donald Goines's these days, also carries a ton of stuff .. that is so ridiculously cliched and stereotypical, I can't believe that it wasn't a 50-year-old white guy in the 1970s writing it."

Mark added Well, Black Hit Woman was credited to Laurie Miles, "as told to Leo Guild." May be something to your inference.

Yes indeed. Leo Guild would appear to have been a Hollywood hack from the fifties on, author of a couple of non-fic Gold Medals (as well as being the name of the hero of a series of Ed Gorman westerns). I would also speculate that the precise authorship of a lot of other Holloway House books might be open to question. Donald Goines brought out more novels after his death than during his life. Most of them were better written too - and it wouldn't surprise me at all if another HH staffer like Joe Nazel had written them.


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