RARA-AVIS: Native American detectives...only in translation

From: Todd Mason ( Todd.Mason@tvguide.com)
Date: 19 Apr 2004

In the course of responding to a detailing by Phil Stephensen-Payne of contents of low-rent '50s CF digest OFF-BEAT DETECTIVE on the email list FictionMags, occasional RA member Juri Nummelin mentioned something he may've mentioned on RA before, but here it is again:
> * Grover Brinkman * You can't kill lust! * ss

Brinkman is still alive, as far as I know. He's well over ninety. He started writing some stuff for Weird Tales in the twenties. He came to my attention when I found out that he had a series of (bad) paperback novels published only in Scandinavia in the early seventies featuring a half-indian Colt Youngblood, who works as a security man in the Hollywood studios. If Brinkman is alive, someone should interview him. Allen Hubin found someone called Grover Brinkman who matched what is known about him and I wrote him a letter, but he didn't respond.

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