RARA-AVIS: Themes of the Month

From: T. Kent Morgan ( tkmorgan@shaw.ca)
Date: 15 Apr 2004

Not long after reading the latest digest with Bill's reminder about this month's theme, I decided to take a last look at a box of books ready to be donated to our annual Children's Hospital Book Market. The sale, which starts next Thursday and runs for 10 days, attracts dealers from across Canada and the Upper Midwest. Lots of 40 cent paperbacks and cheap mysteries, but you have to fight off the book scouts for Pandora Books, one of the North America's largest PB dealers.

Getting back to that box, I found two books by authors on Bill's list: Doug Swanson's Dreamboat (Texas) and The Desert Look by Bernard Schopen (Reno, Nevada). I also found one set in Texas titled Needles by Jerry Allen Potter. The following is from the dust jacket:

"Then he met Jolene, his perfect woman - or so he thought until she turned his life into a screaming hell. He entered a nightmare of brutal murder, bizarre sex, and mistaken identity, the consequences of which put him face to face with Huntsville's executioner."

Any of these worth rescuing? In the same box was a Countryman Press reprint of Russell James' Payback, which I did rescue after reading that it is out-of-print and will be reissued by Point Blank.

One "theme-of-the-month" book on the list that I did read was Dia de los Muertos by Kent Harrington. I greatly enjoyed Harrington's first novel, Dark Ride, but was disappointed by this one. Without saying too much, I just couldn't accept that the main character could do so many things, be in so many places, and have so much happen to him during the "Day of the Dead." Anyone else read it?

Kent Morgan in Winnipeg

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