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Date: 12 Apr 2004

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"Selfishness is not a moral value."

No, it is not. But it does seem to be a challenge to moral values and very much in vogue. I have heard many times the argument that the capitalist economy turns the immoralities of self-interest and greed into some form of trickle-down benefit for the common good. It is a question of individual interest relative to communal responsibilities.

I suggest that Parker is an example that a code of self-interest can work quite well, for the short term at least and the individual life is definitely short term. But the reader must still ask himself if this is how she would like to live, or even more, if she would like to live in a world composed entirely of self-interested individuals. Or consider whether the balance between self and communal interest has been lost already. That's a moral question, even if Jim Doherty already has his answer.

   I think
>that's obvious on its face, but if you don't believe
>in intrinsic morality, and your posts indicate you
>don't believe in intrinsic ANYTHING, than there's
>really no point in discussing it.

Yes, you've got me pegged, though of course we disagree on the desired consequences. I like to hear your views, unconvincing as they have been so far. They expand my understanding of the world, if not my appreciation for it.

Best Kerry

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