RARA-AVIS: Ripley film

From: Karin Montin ( kmontin@sympatico.ca)
Date: 11 Apr 2004

The NY Times had a review last Sunday of Ripley's Game, starring John Malkovitch. I don't know if this link will still work or if you'll have to pay to read the article. It worked for me today.

The Game Even Ripley Couldn't Win, by Nathan Lee


Lee says: Based on the third of five unnervingly deadpan Tom Ripley thrillers by the pulp minimalist Patricia Highsmith, "Ripley's Game" marks the fourth - and arguably best - screen incarnation of the enigmatic antihero. Alain Delon first assumed the role in Ren頃l魥nt's lean 1960 thriller "Purple Noon," followed by the innately twisted Dennis Hopper in Wim Wenders's 1977 film, "The American Friend," a work less keyed to the Highsmith source than to the baroque aesthetic agenda of its director.

Never heard Highsmith referred to as a pulp minimalist before. The American Friend used to be my favourite film. I think Wenders has become even more baroque, if that's the right word, since then.


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