RARA-AVIS: Deadwood, again

From: Moorich2@aol.com
Date: 09 Apr 2004

HBO is running the first three episodes of "Deadwood" tonight and I continue to be impressed by the high level of performance by the entire cast. Brad Dourif hasn't lost his intensity since his turn in that little John Houston gem
"Wise Blood," based on the Flannery O'Connor novel. And Leon Rippy, like Jim Beaver, is another of those character actors whose name is forgotten while he continues racking up the good roles.

I admit that at first I was a bit surprised there was no credit given to Pete Dexter's novel DEADWOOD because the characters are pretty much the same. Belatedly, I realized that Charlie Utter, Seth Bullock, and Al Swearengen were as much historical figures as Wild Bill and Calamity Jane. Dexter's novel, which I recommend, also has more than a touch of the grotesque as in the funny opening scene that begins: "The boy shot Wild Bill's horse at dusk, while Bill was off in the bushes to relieve himself."

If you haven't tried Dexter, better known for PARIS TROUT, he's worth searching out.

Richard Moore

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