RARA-AVIS: oops, sorry, accidentally emailed my rant in mid-thought

From: Don Lee ( donthepoet@hotmail.com)
Date: 09 Apr 2004

--what I was saying was, the author of the article makes this semi-clever noir-ish comment: "Denning, for all his brilliance, writes the kind of flat, lifeless, prose one expects to hear read in a nearly-empty lecture hall by a doddering, half-blind, English professor who speaks only in the frowning monotone of a man who has been divorced for ten years and has yet to realize his wife is gone." This is an academic's attempt to match his writing style to his subject matter. It's a momentary nod to the source material, to show he can be clever. It is mildly clever, but that's it. Academics nod and smile to each other at these things.

Sorry to wander off task. My point is, academic standards and theoretical filters make it difficult to judge their comments from an
"entertainment"-reader's point of view. Academics aren't typically interested in entertainment, unless they can find some way to measure it.

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