Date: 07 Apr 2004


Re your questions below:

> Thanks for the recommendation, Bill. I've been
> hearing about the gypsy DKA series for quite a
> while,
> and I'm definitely interested in them. I will look
> into it. I wonder if the one you recommended,
> ASSASSIN, is the first in the series.

MENACED ASSASSIN is not the first in a series. At least not so far. One of the lead characters, an SFPD lieutenant in charge of the department's organzied crime detail, definitely has series potential should Gore choose to develop it.

Sometimes Gores suprises you by bringing back characters seemingly long-abandoned. INTERFACE seemed like a stand-alone for more than 10 years, then unexpectedly, Gores brought back Neil Fargo for a short story.

The first entry in Gores's "Gypsy" sub-series is
"Lincoln Sedan Deadline," the fourth short story in the DKA series, originally published in the 9/68 issue of EQMM, and reprinted in STAKEOUT ON PAGE STREET, Crippen & Landru's collection of all the DKA short stories.

> I was looking for more Gores on my bookshelf and I
> think I saw one titled DEAD MAN, and although I
> didn't
> see it, if memory serves me correct I have another
> one
> called COME MORNING.

DEAD MAN is an interesting reqorking of themes from Gores's first novel (also a stand-alone) called A TIME OF PREDATORS. Both deal with a bereaved husband on the trail of the men responsible for his wife's death.

The protagonist of DEAD MAN is actually a PI. The hero of A TIME OF PREDATORS is a professor at Stanford who, before he entered Academia, was a commando veteran. I think you'll like them both.


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