From: Mark Sullivan (
Date: 03 Apr 2004

miker wrote:

"I will look into it. I wonder if the one you recommended, MENACED ASSASSIN, is the first in the series."

Menaced Assassin is a standalone. The Gypsy DKA novels are 32 Cadillacs and Cons, Grifts and Scams (the order of those three words may not be right). I think there were also a short story or two. These later DKA Files, while still rigorous in the detectives' methods, are more comedic
(often hilariously so) than the darker, earlier ones. To give you an idea, one of the early novels (don't feel like getting up to check which one) featured a crossover with Parker (character, not author), while 32 Cadillacs shares a scene with the Dortmunder Gang.

"I was looking for more Gores on my bookshelf and I think I saw one titled DEAD MAN, and although I didn't see it, if memory serves me correct I have another one called COME MORNING."

Both standalones, both very good, but what by Gores isn't?


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