RARA-AVIS: CROSS-POSTED: Waltz into Darkness

From: Andrew Albert J. Ty ( andrewty@i-manila.com.ph)
Date: 01 Apr 2004

Last night, I found a tattered copy of the Ballantine mass market paperback of Waltz into Darkness (my second favorite Woolrich novel) for around US$ 0.45.

I was thrilled beyond belief as this was the first time I've ever seen any of his writings available here and also because this was the first Woolrich novel I've ever read.

As I was looking through it, two things stood out for me:

(1) The list of characters which I read before is not to be found here. Personally, I prefer its absence.

(2) In Nevins's introduction, he says, "You hold in your hands the only unabridged softcover edition of Waltz ever issued in the United States."

Now, I can't be certain about this (because the cover isn't on this site), but if I recall correctly, the edition of Waltz... I read before was the Penguin mass market paperback with a cover similar to the one of I Married a Dead Man here: http://members.toast.net/woolrich/covers/deadman.jpg .

If the Penguin editions were published in the 1990s, am I correct in assuming that the version of Waltz... I read before is indeed this same unabridged novel?

Thanks, Andrew

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