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From: Marc Seals (
Date: 29 Mar 2004

Yeah, I thought they were pretty good. The stories seem faithful (as Jim said).

I did not personally care for the very stylized style of the drawing for
"Goldfish." It is cool art, but distracting in a story.

I agree with Jim's evaluation regarding the best story. I loved David Lloyd's beautiful art for "The Pencil." It almost has the feel of a classic film noir.

The art for "Trouble is My business" was competent and drawn in the style of the '30s pulp illustrations, but I thought it lacked a certain something....

The Jim Steranko cover nice, but I thought it a bit too parodic. Marlowe's jaw is absurdly square. I think they probably got him to do the cover because his name carries some weight in comic circles.

All in all, nice adaptations and worth picking up if you enjoy comics and Chandler (or if you wanted to get a comic fan interested in Chandler).


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> Hello,
> Have any of you come across these comic book adaptations of three of
> Chandler's short stories? Any comments? Is it worth picking up?
> Thanks,
> Andrew

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