RARA-AVIS: Themes of the Months

From: William Denton ( buff@pobox.com)
Date: 28 Mar 2004

Last updated: 15 March 2004


April 2004: Southwest American hardboiled and noir writing

- Richard Abshire
- Clifton Adams, WHOM GODS DESTROY (1953; Texas, Oklahoma)
- James Carlos Baker
- Neal Barret, Jr., BAD EYE BLUES
- Fredric Brown
- James Lee Burke
- Christopher Cook, ROBBERS (Texas)
- W. Glenn Duncan, the Rafferty series (Dallas, Texas)
- Brett Halliday, MURDER IS MY BUSINESS (El Paso, Texas)
- Donald Hamilton, DEATH OF A CITIZEN (Matt Helm #1; Santa Fe);
- Kent Harrington, DIA DE LOS MUERTOS (California/Mexico)
- Dorothy B. Hughes, RIDE THE PINK HORSE (Santa Fe, New Mexico)
- J.A. Jance, series in Arizona
- Joe Lansdale
- Elmore Leonard, the early westerns
- Max Martinez
- Edward Mathis, the Dan Roman series
- J.M.T. Miller
- Marcia Muller
- Manuel Ramos
- James Reasoner, TEXAS WIND
- Rick Riordan
- Jim Sanderson, LA MORDIDA; EL CAMINO; SAFE DELIVERY (Texas/New Mexico)
- Bernard Schopen
- Doug Swanson, the Jack Flippo series (Dallas, Texas)
- Jim Thompson, BAD BOY and ROUGHNECK (autobiographies), TEXAS BY THE
  TAIL, THE KILLER INSIDE ME (Texas), POP. 1280 (location?)
- Charles Willleford, THE DIFFERENCE (Arizona)

- and more


Having a theme for a month, where people can read any book by a particular author or in a certain series or on a certain topic, is easier all around than the old book-of-the-month readings we'd do. It brings up a lot more discussion on the list and it doesn't tie everyone to a certain book that may be hard for them to find. I encourage everyone to read something related to the theme of the month and mention it on the list. All the regular RARA-AVIS talk goes on as well, of course.

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