Re: RARA-AVIS: Ed Lacy

Date: 26 Mar 2004


Re your comment below:

> Incidentally, the cover art for my copy of ROOM TO
> SWING has the detective in shadow, the point being
> that the dark color of his face can be attributed to
> lighting, making his race ambiguous.

The dust jacket on the original hardback from Harper was a photograph of a handsome black model, representin Moore, holding a .38, seated next to his Jag.

There was no doubt that the model was a black man.

If you liked ROOM TO SWING, you might want to check out the sequel, MOMENT OF UNTRUTH. A PBO from the mid-60's, it's a lot harder to find (and frankly, it isn't as good a book, though it's still quite enjoyable). Moore, retired from the PI business and happy in his civil service job with the Post Office, is persuaded to accept a detective job in Mexico to make some quick cash when he finds out his wife is pregnant.


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