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Correction to my typo: Shannon Holmes, the author of B More Careful, The Game, Bad Girlz, and Never Go Home Again. Street Fiction has perhaps more women readers than men, perhaps reflected in the frequency of female protagonists and authors in the newer titles coming out in the wake of Sister Soujah's Coldest Winter Ever. Yet another example that as a rule women read more, and more widely, than men.

Those interested in the fleeting world of 70s
'Black Experience' fiction might want to check out the 1969-1980 bibliography at The Project on the History of Black Writing, where they will find writers of lasting literary note such as Toni Morrison and Paule Marshall sitting cheek by jowl with the likes of Joe Nazel ("The Black Exorcist,") Randolph Harris ("Thickshot: Story of a Black Pimp,") Marc Olden ("The Black Samurai,") Charlie Harris ("Macking Gangster" & "Whore Daughter,") Omar Fletcher ("Black Godfather,") J. Jason Grant ("Bitch"). The really delightful thing is that much of this 30 year old pulp is still in print with Holloway House, kept afloat by Goines and the supreme stylist of the genre, Iceberg Slim. (If you're totally new to the genre and want to sample, I recommend Iceberg Slim without reservation.)


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