Re: RARA-AVIS: Deadwood

From: Jim Beaver (
Date: 23 Mar 2004

Bill Crider wrote:

> Yeah, I know it's a TV series. And a western. But one of the stars is
> Beaver. Is that "our" Jim Beaver? (He's great. So is the rest of the
> cast.)

Yeah, 'tis I.

To get this back on-topic: "He laid it on thick, like mud in a fenderwell in a time and place where it's rainy. I don't say I didn't like the feel of that mud, but I could tell by the darty look in his glimmers and the way his lip curled back over his eyebrow in a sneer that this jamoke's compliment was as phony as a tin-foil steering wheel. Still, in my game, a fellow sucks up as much banana oil as he can find. Sometimes it turns out it's from real bananas." (p. 32, "The Maltese Moron")

Thanks for the banana oil, Bill. I've no doubt you're a real banana.

Jim Beaver

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