Re: RARA-AVIS: More Chandler stories

Date: 16 Mar 2004


One correction re the portion of your dissertation that you reproduce below:

> Chandler's third story was "Finger Man," published
> in Black Mask in October
> of 1934. The protagonist in the tale is unnamed,
> though he was "identified"
> as Philip Marlowe in 1950's The Simple Art of
> Murder. Leaving the detective
> nameless might reflect yet another literary debt to
> Dashiell Hammett, who
> had already achieved great success with his own
> unnamed detective (dubbed
> "the Continental Op").

Before he was identified as Marlowe, the unnamed hero of "Finger Man" was identified as Carmady. In
"Goldfish," the first story in which Chandler specifically identifies his 1st-person private eye as
"Carmady," the hero recalls the time he and cop buddy Bernie Ohls shot it out with hit man Poke Andrews in
"Finger Man." The obvious conclusion is that the nameless hero of "Finger Man" (and by extension, the nameless hero of its sequels, "Killer in the Rain" and
"The Man Who Liked Dogs") is Carmady, now finally given a name.

When Chandler jumped ship from BLACK MASK to DIME DETECTIVE, he brought his character with him, but changed the name to "John Dalmas" to accomodate his new editors who wanted him to create a wholly new series character for their magazine.

Years later, when Chandler collected those of his pulp stories he felt were worthy of preservation in THE SIMPLE ART OF MURDER, it was not only the nameless hero of "Finger Man" who was identified as Marlowe. Carmady from "Goldfish" and Dalmas from "Red Wind" and
"Trouble Is My Business" also became Marlowe for hardback book publication.


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