RARA-AVIS: Rave for David Lawrence's 'The Dead Sit Round in a Ring.'

From: David Wright ( dwright333@yahoo.com)
Date: 16 Mar 2004

Here's a tip from your friendly noir librarian:

I just read an advance copy of the US debut of David Lawrence's 'The Dead Sit Round in a Ring,' and it is one of the best series debuts I have ever read. To quote my own forthcoming review:

"Lawrence's spare, keen-edged prose ploughs with irresistable force through this grim Hellscape, churning up shards of dark poetry in its wake.
>From the spontaneous dialogue to the clear,
convincing procedure and the menacing atmosphere, there isn't a single false note in this striking debut, which should go right to the top shelf, down past Ian Rankin and John Harvey to the shadows where lurk Ken Bruen and Derek Raymond. Strongly recommended."

===== David Wright - Seattle Public Library Fiction Dept.
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                 -G.K. Chesterton

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