RARA-AVIS: Re: Ken Bruen

From: Duane Spurlock ( duane1spur@yahoo.com)
Date: 15 Mar 2004

"Bill Crider" < bcrider@houston.rr.com> wrote:
<< I've had Ken Bruen's "White Trilogy," reprinted in a thick trade paperback edition by Kate's Mystery Books, on my shelf for about a year now. Last night, I took it down and read "A White Arrest," the first of the trilogy, and I'm sorry I waited so long. It's nasty, brutal, and short. It has more riffs on popular culture than I could count, along with plenty of dark humor.

Oh yeah, Bill, it is big hard-boiled nasty fun. I wish I could read the trilogy again for the first time.

I think Bruen has a newish book about the folks in the White Trilogy. Can't recall the title right off, though.

A big surprise to me is that our local library has these books. When so much of their fiction stacks are filled with popular best-sellers and odd academically lit'ry selections, I just have to scratch my head when I come across treasures like these.

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