RARA-AVIS: Hard-boiled anthologies/humor

From: Chris Kerstiens ( beyondthec@comcast.net)
Date: 09 Mar 2004

Hi everyone,

Just introducing myself. I've only just gotten into the idea of getting into hardboiled fiction, though I've always been a film noir fan. I read "Man With the Getaway Face" due to my great affection for
"Payback" - the film, that is. (I know some don't approve of the adaptation but I saw the movie first, and love it on it's own merits) Couldn't find "The Hunter" or I would've read that first.

Anyway, a couple of questions. I know there are a few mentioned on the website, but I was wondering what hardboiled anthologies people here might recommend.

Also, it seems to me the hardboiled genre is the perfect vehicle for the sort of deadpan wit I enjoy. Are there any particular authors who go this route? I know Westlake's other novels are supposed to be sort of wacky, but I'm thinking more of say, Bogart in "The Big Sleep." I found "Man With the Getaway Face" like this to some extent, and greatly enjoyed it.


Chris Kerstiens

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