RE: RARA-AVIS: Gores's Wolf Time

Date: 09 Mar 2004


Re your comment below:

> Wolf Time is a quick, fun
> read, but it is definitely
> a politcal thriller rather than hardboiled or noir.

Since when is being a political thriller a disqualifying factor in deciding whether or not a given piece is hard-boiled or noir? Hammett's THE GLASS KEY was a political thriller. So was Chandler's short story "Spanish Blood."

If the political thriller in question is tough and colloquial, it's hard-boiled. If the political thriller in question is dark and sinister, it's noir. If it's both tough and colloquial, and dark and sinister, it's both hard-boiled and noir.

Not having read WOLF TIME, I can't speak specifically to its hard-boiledness or noirness (though, based on Gores's other work, I'd be damned surprised if it wasn't at least hard-boiled). But I can say, with certainty, that its status as a political thriller has nothing to do with whether or not it falls within those categories.


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