RARA-AVIS: did anyone hear Sara Paretsky's appearance on KSER???

From: Charles L. Prescott ( charlyprescott@netscape.net)
Date: 08 Mar 2004


I'm passing this on from David Ossman. If his name sounds familiar, it's because David was part of the 60's improvisational comedy troupe, Firesign Theatre. He and Judith Walcutt host a program on KSER radio in Seattle called, "Live From The Islands." Two days ago, the program was broadcast on-site at the Whidbey Writer's Conference. One of his guests was Sara Paretsky. David sent this note to his mailing list:

"Anyone who may have recorded off the air or downloaded on a hard drive last week's (3/6/04) "Live from the Islands: Whidbey Writer's Conference Special", noon to 2 p.m. PT, please contact us by email
( oworld@whidbey.com) or call (360) 331-2813. Technical difficulties prevented us from capturing the show and we would dearly like to have a copy for the archives, the participants, and the program pilot. Guests included Sara Paretsky, Rick and Janis Carnes, and others."

FWIW, David's program can be heard via streaming Windows Media Player every Saturday at Noon (Pacific Time) at:


And his show's website is:


Regards, CLP

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