RARA-AVIS: More from Toni Johnson-Woods

From: William Denton ( buff@pobox.com)
Date: 06 Mar 2004

Here's another message from Dr. Johnson-Woods. All interesting links, and the third one, for her book, will be of special interest to antipodean rare birds.


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Thanks for getting back to me and at the risk of boring you; I'm writing a book in Carter Brown (and comparing/contrast with Hank Janson/Mickey Spillane) and am awash with covers, artists, let alone the stories. Here's a generalist article on hardboiled fiction I wrote for _Crime Factory_ http://www.uq.edu.au/~entjohns/Hardboiled_Pulp.html
The following *might* be of interest because it deals with an area the group are often interested in, "pulp" fiction (ie PBOs in soft covers): http://www.nla.gov.au/pub/nlanews/2002/nov02/article1.html
My book on *pulp* fiction (complete with *80* colour plates, I know I couldn't believe it myself) is due for release in Sept and while it's all Australian pulp some of the themes/genres are universal to pulp http://www.nla.gov.au/apps/onlineshop?action=OLSDisplay&id=nla.int-ls10766-bk
This is all just for the group's elucidation and in case anyone has any information that would be useful or you want to direct my way. . .

Dr Toni Johnson-Woods Contemporary Studies University of Queensland Australia.

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