RARA-AVIS: April is American southwest month

From: William Denton ( buff@pobox.com)
Date: 01 Mar 2004

By popular demand, Bill Crider will be hosting a special theme in April: hardboiled and noir writing of the American southwest. I'm looking forward to it and I'm sure you are too. I hope he'll define just where the American southwest is, because the rest of the world finds American regions a bit confusing. You may want to have an atlas at hand for this theme.

Let's try to save actual discussion until next month, but we need to make up a good list of possible titles people can read. Here's what's been mentioned so far:

- Richard Abshire
- James Carlos Baker
- Neal Barret, Jr., BAD EYE BLUES
- Fredric Brown
- W. Glenn Duncan, the Rafferty series (Dallas, Texas)
- Brett Halliday, MURDER IS MY BUSINESS (El Paso, Texas)
- Kent Harrington, DIA DE LOS MUERTOS (California/Mexico)
- Dorothy B. Hughes, RIDE THE PINK HORSE (Santa Fe, New Mexico)
- Joe Lansdale
- Max Martinez
- Edward Mathis, the Dan Roman series
- J.M.T. Miller
- Marcia Muller
- Manuel Ramos
- James Reasoner, TEXAS WIND
- Rick Riordan
- Bernard Schopen

If anyone has other writers, or can add titles, or locations or time periods (we'll be reading some westerns), speak up and I'll collect them all.

If you can, pick a book (or two) and read them, and in April chip in with a brief review or some comments about the setting or anything else. There'll be someone out there who hasn't read the book you did, and wonders if they should.


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