RARA-AVIS: The Long-Legged Fly

From: Duane Spurlock ( duane1spur@yahoo.com)
Date: 01 Mar 2004

I first encountered Jim Sallis' work during a trip to New Orleans several years ago when I picked up a hardcover copy of _The_Long-Legged_Fly_ in a nice little bookstore in the Garden District. I hadn't heard of Mr. Sallis' work before, but the book caught my eye, and the small bit I read caught my attention. So I bought it. Then I kept an eye out for anything new by him that might come along.

I mentioned the short length of the translated French crime novels that I usually find enjoyable. Mr. Sallis' novels usually are slender volumes, compared to most of the new genre novels one finds on the shelves these days. Yet his works are usually far more satisfying to me than the longer, somewhat untamed books that frequently get more media coverage and boosted-by-Times-reviews sales.

- Duane Spurlock Proprietor The Pulp Rack http://www.pulprack.com

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