RARA-AVIS: Sallis: Bluebottle

From: Karin Montin ( kmontin@sympatico.ca)
Date: 29 Feb 2004

I would like to add my voice to thank you, Jim Sallis, for joining us this month. I really enjoyed reading your answers to the various questions.

Back in December, I read the only Sallis book I could get easily, Bluebottle. I felt as if I had jumped into the middle of a larger story and although it was a great read, I felt I was probably missing something. After reading the comments of other list members and the notes on your Website, I realize why.

I was immediately struck by the literariness of the book. There's been some discussion here about crime fiction versus literature. I think any line drawn between the two is bound to be arbitrary, although some novels of any genre are more literary than others. I won't try to define what I mean, but in the case of Bluebottle, I allusions to other books and music deepen the characters and general story.

In short, I very much enjoyed the book and have set myself the challenge to read your Lew Griffin series in order, if possible, thanks to interlibrary loans. If necessary, I will even buy a couple!


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