RARA-AVIS: Early noir

From: Michael Robison ( miker_zspider@yahoo.com)
Date: 24 Feb 2004

Mario Taboada wrote: Any definition of noir has to go back to the Greek myths. Despair is old, as are the expressions of it. Can one say that McCoy, Cain and Goodis created something new? Something as large as a genre? I don't think so. Has Kafka's influence been acknowledged? Dostoevsky's?

************** I read a great early noir a couple months ago. This nice guy (I mean, he's so nice even the damn animals like him)... well this whore decides she wants him and she gives him a little bit of the wild thing and pretty soon she's got her hooks sunk in him. Well anyway, she's got mob connections (no surprise there, eh?) and she introduces him to mobster A who wants to wipe out mobster B. Well, Nature Boy and Mobster A get to be good buddies and Mobster A cooks up a plan to off Mobster B. (Spoiler coming!) Needless to say, Nature Boy gets killed in the ultra-violent encounter.
 Mobster B, distraught over getting his friend wasted, wanders the streets as a bum, a broken man.

Now is that noir or what? I can't remember the author's name. The title is GILGAMESH.

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