Re: RARA-AVIS: The Sun Also Rises on Green Acres

From: Brian Thornton (
Date: 23 Feb 2004

Mike Robison wrote:

> Brian Thornton wrote:
> And that's just a few of the short stories. If
> there's a happy moment in "The Sun Also Rises" that
> isn't related directly to the fleeting pleasures of
> alcohol and/or sex, I haven't seen it.
> **************
> Bill and Jake fishing in the country. Just like the
> Nick Adams stories. Nature heals.
> Ever seen the movie? The Green Acres guy (Eddie
> Fisher) as Bill is one of the most ridiculous
> miscastings I've ever seen.

A long time ago. And it wasn't Eddie Fisher, he was the singer who was married in turn to Debbie Reynolds and Elizabeth Taylor, and the father of Princess Leia-Carrie Fisher.

You're thinking of Eddie Albert.

And when they went fishing they drank like, well, fish.


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