Re: RARA-AVIS: Two movies

Date: 22 Feb 2004

miker wrote:

> A couple weeks ago the wife was flipping through the
> channels and she came upon Violent Saturday. I didn't
> know it was a movie. I liked uh... Heath's(?) novel.
> It was way towards the end and evidently there was a
> variation from the book. There were several people
> tied up in the top of the barn instead of just one.
> Victor Mature was one of them. I glimpsed Ernest
> Borgnine, too. I imagine he was a bad guy.

Borgnine actually isn't a bad-guy in this. He's an Amish farmer whose family is held hostage, along with Mature, by baddies J. Carrol Naish and Lee Marvin. I love this little movie, which I knew long before I read William Heath's novel, which I also loved. I think it's well worth spending a Saturday evening with.

Jim Beaver

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