RARA-AVIS: The Latest From Kubrick & Thompson

From: Vince Keenan ( vpkeenan@hotmail.com)
Date: 22 Feb 2004

How do? I'm a recent subscriber delurking to ask a question.

The current issue of 'Entertainment Weekly' has a sidebar about how productive Stanley Kubrick has been since his death. (EYES WIDE SHUT was released after his passing; A.I. was taken over by Steven Spielberg.) And there are two more films to come:

"One, a '50s thriller called LUNATIC AT LARGE, emerges from an arcane corner of the filmmaker's legend having to do with a treatment he commissioned from his PATHS OF GLORY co-screenwriter, pulp author Jim Thompson, and then misplaced. For some 40 years the manuscript was considered MIA - until producer Philip Hobbs ... dug it up recently while sifting through some old papers. According to Hobbs, LUNATIC will 'with luck ... be in production in late 2004.'"

No mention of THE KILLING? For shame.

I'm not as up on my Thompson arcana as I should be. Anyone familiar with the story behind the story on this one?

Vince Keenan

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