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Date: 21 Feb 2004

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> > --Geir--this is neither the most persuasive nor the cleverest way of
> getting
> > your points across.
> Sorry - my point was the works of Joseph Hansen. His books were good,
> and I wanted to share my reading experience with you guys on rara-avis.
> Regards,
> Geir Glosvik
> >>
> I appreciate you sharing your reading experience and I second your
> Hansen's series is very well done and consistently so from book to book.
> I take your point even as I reject the offensive and unnecessary word that
> really gets in the way of "sharing." To me the background life of
> was fascinating and added to my enjoyment. You might also read Hansen's
> series featuring a California sheriff named Bohannon.

While placing no judgement either way on the course of this conversation thusfar, I think it's important to point out that English *is* Geir's second language, and perhaps the "f" word isn't as loaded in his experience as it is in North America? I went ahead and cut him some slack as soon as I read it, considered it a gaffe and was pleased that most who responded were gracious in so doing.

It might be helpful to bear the fact that English *is* a second language for him in mind, though.

And now back to the discussion of the relative merits of the work of Joseph Hansen...

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