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From: Todd Mason (
Date: 20 Feb 2004

-----Original Message----- From: Geir Glosvik

I just finished his ouvre of 12 books fetauring Dave Brandstetter. They stood on my shelf for a long time. When you're hetero, you don't want to read about faggots. [...] But the homosexual viewpoint never got to me once. Surprise? Well - yes.

--Geir--this is neither the most persuasive nor the cleverest way of getting your points across. As an essentially-white middleaged American man, there are All Kinds of people I may not be very like who I'll be happy to read about, and won't even need to use epithets, however humorously intended (I hope), to describe them after the fact.

But I guess it does reinforce the genuineness of your surprise. TM

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