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Date: 20 Feb 2004

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 you've piqued my interest in what went on in the last years of his life.

Well, from here's the thumbnail version: A Life-Changing Experience In February and March 1974, Dick experienced a series of visions and auditions including an information-rich "pink light" beam that transmitted directly into his consciousness. A year after the events, in March 1975, Dick summarized the 2-3-74 experiences that would pervade his writing for the final eight years of his life:

(rest at the site--and many other places)

Already an unusual personality, and apparently sometimes Very hard to deal with (due, among other factors, to paranoia, and the bitterness that can come with trying to support one's self as a freelance in a not-remunerative time for many freelancers, pressures to pay alimony and child support and all that implied), Dick became seemingly at least Out There after these reported experiences).

Thanks to CRAWDADDY and later ROLLING STONE writer/editor Paul Williams being a serious fan of his work, and getting some PDK coverage (and at least one short story by Dick) into ROLLING STONE, Dick's audience started to widen considerably in the '70s, and, now, of course, he's one of the best-known writers of SF.

(among his later novels) to most on this list or not. What do you say, Bill? THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE and THE THREE STIGMATA OF PALMER ELDRITCH, his most famous novels of the '60s, are definitely good starts. As is his short fiction..."Upon the Dull Earth" being a favorite horror that comes to mind...


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