Re: RARA-AVIS: Anyone read this?

From: John Williams (
Date: 20 Feb 2004

> > From BOOK LUST (2003) by Nancy Pearl, one of those "best books" or "what
> > to read next if you liked ___" books:
> >
> > | I couldn't sleep for days after I read William Hjortsberg's FALLING
> > | ANGEL, which I'd been lured (by an unscrupulous friend) into thinking
> > | was a aymond Chandleresque private-eye novel. It isn't. It might
> > | share all the conventions of the hardboiled mystery genre, but the
> > | plot--the search for a missing singer in 1950s New York--is animated
> > | supernatural evil, and the denouement is stunning and disturbing.

I'd like to stick up for Falling Angel. Admittedly it was one of the first contemporarily written noir novels I'd read but I remember liking it a whole lot (though I've never got on with anything else by Hjortsberg). The denouement is sort of obvious but the mood got to me. I even quite liked the film - though it definitely teeters on the edge of the dreadful - but hey, that's Mickey Rourke for you.


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