Re: RARA-AVIS: _Solomon's Vineyard_ hard boiled soft core

From: Michael Robison (
Date: 17 Feb 2004

Jay Gertzman I wonder if somewhere, there is an underground version of _Solomon's Vineyard_ (as was the case with erotica published over the coutner or sent through the mail).

************* The book was banned in some fashion or other in the States for many years. Eventually a censored version was released in the States. I would imagine that any republication of the novel in the last 30 years would be the original.

I liked Latimer's humor and I liked the plot. I've got a couple others of his that I am looking forward to reading.

You questioned what his message was. I'm not sure I saw much of that, really. If I was going to tap it for a meaning, I would look at his loyalty to his murdered partner, and his determination to right that wrong. Not a whole lot different than Sam Spade's motivation in THE MALTESE FALCON.


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