RARA-AVIS: CROSS-POSTED: A Century of British Mystery and Suspense

From: Andrew Albert J. Ty ( andrewty@i-manila.com.ph)
Date: 12 Feb 2004

Hello everyone,

Pardon the cross-posting. Anyway, I don't know how many of these stories are hard-boiled enough to be on-topic for Rara-Avis or, um, "Horrabin Hall-esque," but I'd like to hear comments from those of you who've read any of the stories included in this Anne Perry (edited) anthology. Worth picking up?

Thanks, Andrew

> A Century of British Mystery and Suspense (hardbound, good condition,
> Introduction by Anne Perry
> Foreword by Jon L. Breen
> The Copper Beeches by Arthur Conan Doyle
> The Man in the Passage by Gilbert K. Chesterton
> There are no Snakes in Ireland by Frederick Forsyth
> Death on the Air by Ngaio Marsh
> Breakfast Television by Robert Barnard
> An Unmentionable Death by Simon Brett
> The African Tree-Beavers by Michael Gilbert
> Have a Nice Death by Antonia Fraser
> The Honest Blackmailer by Patricia Moyes
> The Worst Crime Known to Man by Reginald Hill
> Jeeves and the Stolen Venus by P.G. Wodehouse
> The Haunted Policeman by Dorothy L. Sayers
> A Perfectly Ordinary Case of Blackmail by A.A. Milne
> Lucky Dip by Liza Cody
> The Wasp by Peter Lovesey
> Looking for Thelma by Gillian Slovo
> A Study in White by Nicholas Blake
> The Clue of the Red Wig by John Dickson Carr
> Woodrow Wilso's Necktie by Patricia Highsmith
> Nothing to Lose by Frances Fyfield
> Poison Peach by Gillian Linscott
> The Fourt Suspects by Agatha Christie
> The Two Bottles of Relish by Lord Dunsany
> The Two Ladies of Rose Cottage by Peter Robinson
> Eyes for Offa REx by Jonathan Gash
> One Morning They'll Hang Him by Margery Allingham
> Home is the Hunter by Catherine Aird
> Family Business by Michael Z. Lewin
> Justice in My Own Hands by Elizabeth Ferrars
> Means of Evil by Ruth Rendell
> Octopussy by Ian Fleming
> Heroes by Anne Perry

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