Re: RARA-AVIS: Unfilmed but should be

From: Mark Sullivan (
Date: 12 Feb 2004

Brian wrote:

"If you look at the original post, I believe I said "Donnie," not
"Mark." Donnie Wahlberg *was* a New Kid, and Mark, who is younger, was Marky-Mark, the "rapper.""

Actually, Marky Mark was also once a New Kid, but he went solo before they started recording. I know because I one lost a bet on it.

However, Brian is absolutely right that Donnie was great in Boomtown (as was the rest of the cast) and would make a great Ellroy cop. (Donnie was also the psycho in the beginning of Sixth Sense.)

On a sidenote, there seems to be a TV PI renaissance going on. David Mills (of Kingpin, The Corner and NYPD Blue, among may other things) is working on a series with Jimmy Smits as a PI. Steven Bochco is working on a series called Blind Justice with Ron Eldard as an investigator -- since he's blind, I'm assuming he's private. The Webster Report is about an NYC investigator -- don't know if he's private. And UPN is working on Veronica Mars. I have no idea how hardboiled and/or noir any of them are, but here's hoping.

Damn, I miss Harry O and Rockford (both of which should be put out on DVD).


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