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From: JimSallis@aol.com
Date: 12 Feb 2004

Neither have I, before this, wrung a short story's neck till it cried
"Novel!" But as you suspected, Doug, the idea had been with me for some time, and I always thought of it as a short novel. When Dennis commissioned a story, that gave me my chance to (as you say) take it for a test drive. The longer version is quite different, with much more attention to character -- and many more characters -- though I tried to retain the lean, stripped-down approach and language of the story version. In most ways, DRIVE is my attempt to write a contemporary Gold Medal-type novel.

As to THE LONG-LEGGED FLY, with its four sections set in different decades, no, I didn't have that plan in mind from the first. I wrote the first section as a short story, then found myself so taken with the character, and wanting to know so much more, that I wrote the second, which then seemed to call for a third, and THEN I had to offer some sort of resolution. The four sections form an arc, beginning as fairly standard pulp fiction and circling ever more inward towards a kind of autobiography for Lew. The series of six novels is adumbrated in the first novel -- I had only to pick out various threads and weave them together.


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