Fw: RARA-AVIS: John MacDonald's colors

From: Pat Zeitoun ( pwz@tca.net)
Date: 07 Feb 2004

As an artist I LOVE MacDonald's declared use of color. .. simply identification. I am reminded about a film where Modigliani was working on one of his tall, rangy, big-footed sculptures. Artists and historians had written for years about the symbolism of the exaggeratedly large feet. Until, on the film, Modigliani is sculpting away and talking: "Now the feet. The GD feet. I've never known what to do with the GD feet!!

Art is usually so simple. Critics make up most of the symbolic bs.



> Everybody knows but me. At least that is how it seems. What is the role
> the colors in the John MacDonald titles? I'm usually a quick study but
> countless novels later, I cannot see a pattern. Without a clue!

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