Re: RARA-AVIS: Sheldon Lord

From: Mark Sullivan (
Date: 31 Jan 2004

Jesse wrote:

"What I don't understand about the idea of "Sheldon Lord" as a "house name" is why multiple publishers have used it. That seems contrary to the idea of it being a house name."

Could it have been a Scott Meredith Agency house name instead of the publishing house's name?

Looking back over my LoC notes, I see that the single Sheldon Lord book directly attributed to Lawrence Block (actually the only one to be attributed to anyone), The Sex Shuffle, is the last Lord to be copyrighted chronologically and for another publisher, Lancer.

I have three John Warren Wells books, none of which I found the copyright for (I need to go back and look up specific titles, of which there is a long list in the front of these books, since I've found that not all books are filed under the author's name, the pseudonym and the title, many under just one of those), and each of those is from a different publisher. Two are dedicated to Jill Emerson, a definite Block pseudonym.

"Alan Marshall is a known pseudonym of Donald Westlake's . . ."

Do we know if all of Alan Marshall's (which was not designated as a pseudonym at the LoC) books were written by Westlake? I have two.


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