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From: Jesse Willis (
Date: 31 Jan 2004

Other Sheldon Lord Titles Possibly by Lawrence Block

-69 Barrow Street (Tower 1959) - POSSIBLE BLOCK

-A Girl Called Honey (1960) Midwood 41 - PROBABLE BLOCK
[By Sheldon Lord & Alan Marshall,allegedly by Block & Westlake. The dedication reads "This is for Don Westlake and Larry Block, who introduced us"]. Alan Marshall is a known pseudonym of Donald Westlake's (a good friend of LB) and this sort of in-joke seems a likely candidate for upgrade to POSITIVE ,but on the other hand, its only half written by a SHELDON LORD!

-So Willing (1960) [By Sheldon Lord & Alan Marshall] Midwood 48. PROBABLE BLOCK
(For the same reasons as noted previously)

-21 Gay Street (Midwood 1962) POSSIBLE

-Candy (Midwood# 40 1960) POSSIBLE

-Kept (Midwood #35 19??) POSSIBLE

-Carla (Midwood #8) POSSIBLE

-April North (Beacon 1961 B456F) POSSIBLE

What I don't understand about the idea of "Sheldon Lord" as a "house name" is why multiple publishers have used it. That seems contrary to the idea of it being a house name.

Acording to LB himself: In response to a query about a title called "Sex Is A Woman" Lawrence Block responded":

"Several writers did ghost them [the Sheldon Lord books]. I don't believe I wrote the one you mention, and have no idea who did."

I think we can probably rule out "Sex Is A Woman" as not being an LB title, he doesn't THINK he wrote it after all! That being said, the "think" makes ME think he can't remember all the books he's written! If he doesnt know, how will we ever know?


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