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Date: 23 Jan 2004

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>David mentioned Easy Rawlins' desire to own property and be a landlord. I
>think his craving for a normal life, and for legitimacy, is a running thread
>through the books, at least the ones I've read. And I thought that in BAD
>BOY BRAWLY BROWN he saw some significant changes that go a ways towards
>achieving that. In particular, he gives a white cop some information, and
>the cop takes his word for it, something Easy was surprised at. And at the
>end of SIX EASY PIECES he's got his own office and is thinking of becoming a
>legitimate PI.

"...a running thread through the books." I agree. But I'm not sure the acceptance or legitimacy that you describe at the end of SIX EASY PIECES is what Easy had in mind. At least not earlier (and I cannot tell you which book now) when Easy's struggle was to get away from the streets and their criminal activities, something that white cops as much as black neighbours constantly seemed to conspire to bring Easy back to. I reminded me of that Godfather line, with Pacino shouting "Everytime I try to get out..." etc. etc.

I've been digging into Iceberg Slim for an essay, and one of the things I find remarkable about PIMP is how much the mack culture is inspired by dominant white values. It's not unusual that in being denied entry to a club, the human response is often to want entry even more, and to mimic the club's hallmark behaviours. PIMP describes the business so thoroughly it should be required reading on MBA courses. Human resources, using an experienced Board of Directors for advice, product research, scouting and meeting the competition- they're all there, and more. I cite this as another aspect of this desire for a "normal" life, though Slim's view of what's normal differs from Easy's. I'm wondering if Mosley has Easy's POV, as he ages, come around a little closer to Slim's. Slim took up the
"legitimate" life of a writer as he got older.

Best Kerry

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