RARA-AVIS: Re: Mystery*File

From: Steve Lewis ( lewis@ntplx.net)
Date: 20 Jan 2004

>Steve Lewis wrote:
> > If you're a subscriber or a contributor to Mystery*File, this is just a
> > note to let you know that your copy of #41 is on its way. If you're not a
> > subscriber or a contributor, why not?
>No wonder it's been quiet here lately. You've been keeping everybody
>busy writing articles.
>Congratulations! It looks like a great edition that's right on target for


I'm trying to keep Mystery*File a general interest mystery fanzine, but you're right, the subversive pulp/paperback/hard-boiled sub-genre has a pretty high profile this time around.

And I hope Ed Lynskey agrees that this is the time to reveal it, but he has been working on a long overview of Robert Wade's writing career. He's perhaps most famous for being half of the "Wade Miller" combo, a long-time favorite of Gold Medal readers, and the creator of the private eye Max Thursday as well.

Mr. Wade is in his 80s now and still actively writing. Besides Ed's article, we now have in hand, with some assistance from Bill Pronzini in coming up with some questions, an interview with him, and this all will appear in M*F42.

Now for balance I have to go hunt up some 'cozy' authors. If the Wall Street Journal can cover cozy mysteries on the front page of today's paper
-- did you see it? -- then I can too!



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