RARA-AVIS: Review of new Elmore Leonard book

From: William Denton ( buff@pobox.com)
Date: 17 Jan 2004

Toronto writer David Gilmour reviews Elmore Leonard's new book MR. PARADISE in today's Globe and Mail. The URL is ridiculously long, so here's a shorter pointer:


It's one of those "Leonard is a crime writer, but he's so good it's literature, and these other literary figures agree" revies.

| To appreciate the stature of Leonard's accomplishments, have a look at
| his first crime novel, The Big Bounce, a splendid little thing he wrote
| in 1969. Look what was popular at the time: John D. MacDonald novels
| with that self-adoring gruffness of a right-wing editorial; Ian
| Fleming's pleasant fantasizing; Ross Macdonald, metaphors and similes so
| strained they bring the narrative to a halt. (Remember this one from
| Sleeping Beauty: "An off shore oil rig stood up out of its windward end
| like the metal handle of a dagger that had stabbed the world and made it
| spill black blood.")
| Into all this comes Elmore Leonard with the story of a small-time thief
| trying to get ahead. The Big Bounce revealed a curiously literary
| quality in a writer working in the thriller genre.


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