RARA-AVIS: RE:Jonathan Lethem

From: Dick Lochte ( dlochte@adelphia.net)
Date: 17 Jan 2004

I just finished his latest, "Fortress of Solitude," which has a murder, racial tension, drug dealing and even a prison break of sorts, but really isn't a crime novel. It's about a young white man who grows up in a racially mixed Brooklyn neighborhood where gentrification was attempted but never quite came off. Brilliant. Funny. Sad. Profound. Lethem manages to mix in music, comic book collecting, mother love and hate, the art world, the difficulty of son-father relationships and, to bring this closer to this list's current topic -- the dark side of science fiction conventions.

Dick Lochte

Bill asked:

>Has anyone else been reading Lethem recently? Looking through
>archives I see we talked about him on and off in 1999 and 2000,
because of
>MOTHERLESS BROOKLYN, but not a lot since then.

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