Re: RARA-AVIS: Dan Simmons

From: Michael Robison (
Date: 08 Jan 2004

William Denton wrote:
> We've talked about Dan Simmons a number of times, because of the Joe Kurtz
> books, HARDCASE (2001), HARD FREEZE (2002), and HARD AS NAILS (2003),
> which are fast, tough, and very violent. The first one's even dedicated
> to Richard Stark (Donald Westlake's pseudonym for his Parker series), if I
> recall.
> Now, Simmons is also a very popular SF writer, and he won the Hugo for
> HYPERION (1990) and was nominated for a Hugo and a Nebula for THE FALL OF
> HYPERION (1991). He's also been up for fantasy and horror awards, and won
> some, so he's got talent all over.

************************ Thanks for mentioning the Kurtz books. So much information comes across rara-avis that it is difficult to remember it all, and I had forgotten about them. I have been eyeing HYPERION since we've been focusing on speculative fiction this month.

I just started Bester's DEMOLISHED MAN. I'm just a few pages into it and I can already tell that it's really hardboiled. A guy is very openly plotting a murder in a society where murder is almost impossible to get away with.


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