RARA-AVIS: sci-fi noir and postmodernism

From: Mark Sullivan ( DJ-Anonyme@webtv.net)
Date: 06 Jan 2004

I'm just getting ino Spares by Michael Marshall Smith, but I thought I'd share this amusing description of Dath, a reputed hitman:

The word was he'd worked his way up the ladder in the old-fashioned way, beginning by being cutting to people: for a hundred dollars he'd march into someone's place, look them up and down, and go "Yeah, great suit," in a really ironic way, and then leave. His specialty was the
"overheard conversation" hit. Wherever the target went -- in a restaurant, in a bar, in the john -- Dath would be somewhere just out of sight, talking loudly about postmodernism. It eventually drove the target crazy.

He always denied it. I was never sure.


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