Re: RARA-AVIS: Matheson, "Steel", and I AM LEGEND

From: Jesse Willis (
Date: 05 Jan 2004

--- Graham Powell <> wrote:
> I AM LEGEND (more spoilers) is about a monster who
> creeps about while
> everyone else sleeps, and murders them in their
> beds. Sort of. Actually
> the "monster" is the hero, who is the last man on
> Earth who has not
> succumbed to a disease that has turned everyone else
> into a vampire. The
> novel sort of drags on, but has a nice wrap-up,
> where the narrator realizes
> that he will be the bogeyman for the new race. I
> personally don't think
> this novel deserves all the attention it has gotten,
> but it's not bad.
> Graham

I'd say what little attention has come to I AM LEGEND has come more from the film adaptations than any general breakthough into the mainstream conciousness. I AM LEGEND the book deserves far more attention than it has got if only because of the audacious ending, it is almost a perect novel and it certainly harnesses all the best of Matheson's themes which in many of his other stories are simply akward.


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